“Flipped” review

There really isn’t anyone else I’d rather have directed this small coming-of-age tale about a boy and girl confused about their feelings for each other than Rob Reiner, the man who made one of the finest American coming-of-age films; “Stand by me”.

The film firstly follows the perspective of the boy until a point, and then it flips to the girls perspective of the events in her life until it reaches the same point. At first I thought this would be frustrating going back in the story all the time, fortunately I was wrong. It works very well and isn’t a negative at all, especially as it ties in well during the final scene. (Which I might add made me shed a tear)

While a director like Spielberg (Who I greatly admire) might have taken this small story and made it feel more epic, Reiner keeps it to the small story that it is and needs to be.

It’s filled with 50’s/60’s North American nostalgia from climbing trees to white picket fences and watching “Bonanza” on the living room’s colour TV. But it doesn’t bog itself down with these things trying to convince you that you’re back in the 50’s/60’s era.

No, the story is driven forward constantly thanks to the films narration. Usually a character’s narration will only chime in every now and then in most films. This is more like your Grandparents telling you how they fell in love as you sit by their knees. And it’s all the more fitting because the whole film feels like one big pastime, like a beautiful story book unfold in front of your eyes.

Speaking of beautiful, visually this film is impeccable thanks to Thomas Del Ruth’s lovely cinematography along with great set design, costumes etc. And at the heart of the film, two charming leads played by Callan McAuliffe (Surprisingly an Australian pulling off a great American accent) and Madeline Carroll. The rest of the cast is also great.

It’s a perfect world, one that I never got to experience like these characters did, a childhood that – if I were these characters – I could look back on fondly.

I have hardly anything bad to say about this film. In fact the only bad thing about this film is that it has a couple of cliché lines in it. Aside from that it’s basically perfect.

“Flipped” gets a Jyerating of 5/5.


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One Response to “Flipped” review

  1. Morgan says:

    Now I have a reason to see this film. sounds great

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