“The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans” review

Nicolas Cage! Some don’t think too highly of him, others – like myself – like to praise his great acting talent, which is on show here in Werner Herzog’s stylish police drama set during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

There could be a moment during this film (Or perhaps many) when you’ll say to yourself “Wow! He really is a bad lieutenant! Such a comment is completely justifiable. In fact it’s not even the fact that he does a large amount of drugs, it’s the lengths he goes to and the risk’s he takes to keep up his lifestyle that will shock you most. He’s one corrupt bastard! But one that is gloriously fun to watch!

Eva Mendes isn’t anything special here. In fact she really could have made her presence more known, but it’s not really a big problem. Most of the supporting cast isn’t really noticeable in fact. They’re fine, but Cage is clearly the star here! Oh and those of you worried about music rapper Xzibit being in the film, put those fears to rest. He’s fine, good even.

Herzog direction is spot on with this film. He creates great moments of tension and genuinely keeps you totally entertained for the most part. He impresses with some lovingly composed shots and the look of the film in general is perfect.

People often say about some films that the “city is really a character in itself”… well this is certainly a film where such a comment rings true. I haven’t been to New Orleans but from what I’ve seen and what I’d imagine, it seems like Herzog and his team have done a great job of capturing the feeling of city. On top of all that, the score by Mark Isham is really something fantastic.

If I was picky I could say there was at least one character whose story should have been concluded rather than just ran out, but really this is a small fault.

This isn’t your standard cop action thriller, and I wouldn’t want it to be. What it is, is a damn good character study of a man who’s living each day neck deep in corruption, guns and cocaine with a director sitting at the film’s rudder in full control of his medium.

This “Bad Lieutenant” gets a Jyerating of 4.5/5


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