“127 Hours” review

This film only just opened here in Australia on Thursday (10th Feb). I asked my Father if I could use the free ticket he had sitting in his bed-side drawer, he agreed to I headed off to an afternoon screening. I was blessed to see a film that I not only enjoyed, but that blew my socks off and one I couldn’t stop thinking about the whole night afterward!

Aron Ralston (Played by the charismatic James Franco) is an adventurer cycling, hiking and climbing his way through the canyon’s of Utah when he falls and a large boulder falls on his arm trapping him. He’ll end up having to go to great lengths to escape.

The desperate action he takes to remove himself from certain death are not really a secret and it certainly wasn’t a secret to me, but I still couldn’t help but hope that the rock might come free, even though I knew what was going to take place. I think it’s testament to a good film, when you know the events yet you still seem to think things might not happen how you’ve heard.

I left the cinema thinking “Give Danny Boyle the Oscar!” Now obviously you’ll have to wait for my 2010 awards to find out if he actually gets a win from me, but this goes to show how impressed I was by this incredible film he’s put together. The opening critics crack along with multiple images shown at the same time to Free Blood’s “Never Hear Surf Music Again”. Even from the beginning I was admiring the little symbolisms Boyle has put into the film.

While I could go on praising Boyle’s great skill, I’d like to move across to James Franco who has put forward a captivating, funny and real performance. I’ve never been more impressed by the man and I hope to see more great things from him in the future.

Before I wrap up, I need to say that the cinematography by Enrique Chediak and Anthony Dod Mantle is superb, there’s good sound work and good editing from Jon Harris. Technically it’s fantastic!

It does drag a bit during some of the later scenes. I did wish they just got on with the “event” a little quicker than they did at one stage. Bit of a shame but the rest of the pacing is great, so I wouldn’t worry if you were thinking a man stuck under a rock sounds like a bore… it’s far from it!

Sitting in the back row during my screening were a group of younger people who weren’t as quiet as I would have liked. The cinema attendant had a word with them quite early on which helped, but during the final scenes I turned and told them “Shut up and watch the movie, please”. Sometimes these things need to be done. Although it did cause me to fear I might be attacked with keys or perhaps just with brute force by one of the guys in the group. No such event took place.

So I hope you get a good crowd WHEN you see this film and keep an eye out for fainters. (I had a friend tell me tonight that a man fainted in her cinema) This is one film you really shouldn’t miss. I hope you get an experience like I had, one that will have you thinking about the film, even after you go home and continue with your evening.

Danny Boyle and his cast and crew have made something really special with “127 Hours” which gets a Jyerating of 4.5/5


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4 Responses to “127 Hours” review

  1. adamadamadamadam says:

    Nice review! But, my question to you is, who do you think did a better job this year: Franco or Firth?

  2. jyerating says:

    I think you’ll just have to wait for my 2010 awards!
    But so you know, the race would more be between Franco and Eisenberg rather than Firth.

  3. aligrahamz says:

    great review chum
    check out my reviews??

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