“Akira” review

I’ve noticed a trend with Katsuhiro Otomo’s films. Firstly with “Steamboy” and now with “Akira”… they’re not captivating! Sure he can throw out large scale action sequences, but I don’t even enjoy them! Also I don’t much care for the characters he writes either.

“Akira” started off okay in that it had this sense of cool and I really did feel like I was watching a cult classic, although those early scenes are quite disjointed and I didn’t know what was going on. Then again that didn’t change as the film went on; I still found it hard to know who was who and what was happening. I didn’t care either.

One thing I did like was the state that Japan was in during the film. We’re talking post WWIII and the place is in turmoil. Terrorist attacks etc. It’s a good setting.

Also I appreciated that he didn’t seem to hold back on the violence. There’s plenty of blood flying when people get shot. There are also some good motorbike scenes, and I’ll certainly admit that the character of Kaneda is pretty rad with that red jacket, but these things weren’t enough.

“Akira’s” Jyerating is 1.5/5


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One Response to “Akira” review

  1. Adam says:

    bummer that you didn’t like it more… i still really need to see it. my brother recommends it every chance he gets.. =P

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