“Solino” review

I don’t feel like this breaks too much new ground. The tone is very familiar. It feels a bit like “Cinema Paradiso”. Which isn’t a bad thing, but don’t go in expecting things you haven’t already seen. Although it does touch on film-making and other photography which I don’t think there’s enough of in films.

This is basically about a family from a town named Solino. (Queue sibling rivalry) The family moves to Germany on their Father’s request and they end up opening an Italian restaurant there.

The film does everything quite well, performances are good, the music is very nice and overall its entertaining to watch. Visually it’s quite nice sometimes too.

Fatih Akin has done a nice job and I’m keen to see more of his work. If you’re looking for one of those “Follow some characters over multiple decades” kinda films, then this is perfectly adequate.

Jyerating – 4/5



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