“The Ghost Writer” review


A writer (Played by the competent and easy to watch Ewen McGregor) is hired to help write the memoirs of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang.  But things aren’t as simple as all that when McGregor starts to think something fishy is going on with the “death” of Lang’s former “Ghost Writer”.

Perhaps it’s the fault of the film’s advertising and my own mind that I didn’t enjoy this as much as I’d hoped. I’d been expecting a suspenseful film, but that’s not exactly what I got. In fact I hardly understood what was going on or why what was going on was of any importance.

Throwing the story aside (which bordered on boring in parts) there’s quite a bit to enjoy. For starters the setting and visuals are really lovely! I’m a sucker for rainy weather in films and its here by the bucket load. (Pun largely intended!)

I was pleasantly surprised by Pierce Brosnan’s performance which was mostly very good. Also I’m hearing some hate for Kim Cattrall in this film… to be honest I never gave her a thought. She didn’t give a bad performance, or a stand-out one. So no need to be hatin’.

Olivia Williams who plays Adam Lang’s wife gives a nice performance but it’s the scene with Tom Wilkinson that got me most excited, I’d say! I’ve admired the man for a while now but he’s usually playing a similar character. This isn’t too much of a branch-off for him, though enough to feel like a fresh performance and one I highly enjoyed watching! Especially in a film which was starting to lose my interest.

Alexandre Desplat scored the film and I read a comment from someone about his score saying it reminded them of “Philip Glass and Bernard Herrmann”. This is a very good comparison I must say. It’s a scrumptious score and one that reminded me a bit of “Cul-de-sac”, Polanski’s film from 1966. Great stuff!

Overall the film is a mixed bag from Polanski, but I’ll be keen to rewatch it in the future, mainly for its great setting and the performances of Wilkinson, Brosnan and Williams.

Jyerating – 3.5/5


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