“Stardust Memories” review

Right of the bat I’d have to recommend that you see Federico Fellini’s “8 ½” before viewing this. Allen’s film parallels Fellini’s, although that being said, both films are quite different.

This is an Allen film through and through. He stars along-side a large number of very good supporting actors that pop up all through the film, most of the time only for a matter of seconds during scenes of delightful chaos.

I didn’t find this a particularly funny film, but its enjoyable none-the-less.  You still get to watch Woody Allen on screen for nearly an hour and a half which is always great, your eyes will be pleasured with tons of beautifully composed black and white shots and Allen’s choice of music is superb. (No surprise there)

A good example of music and images mixing well is a scene where “Moonlight Serenade” plays as hot air balloons float through the sky and land on a grass field. That and Allen’s character narrating a memory of a time he was admiring a woman he loved as Louis Armstrong’s “Stardust” plays on the record player.

I would have liked to laugh out loud a bit more in this, but with some lovely scenes like the ones I’ve just mentioned, it’s still totally worth your time… mainly if you’re an Allen fan.

Jyerating – 4/5


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