A lacklustre holiday

I’d wanted to see this and since it was on TV I took the opportunity. I was hoping for some laughs and a pretty French location, I got pretty locations but hardly any laughs.

This film is let down by the fact that it’s just not funny! I’m going to blame the writers mainly for this. I hardly laughed at all. One of the highlights of the film though is a supporting role by William Dafoe who plays a pretentious film director. We get to see part of his film that is putting the audience to sleep and it basically takes stabs at art-films. His pretentious film probably gave me the biggest laughs of the entire movie. So thank you Mr. Dafoe.

Look, the film certainly isn’t boring. It’s enjoyable to watch Rowan Atkinson go about his “holiday” in his usual Bean way, but that’s not enough when you’re not laughing.

It’s competently directed and the cinematography is good, but all in all I’d recommend you avoid this one unless you’re a big Bean fan.

This holiday gets a Jyerating of 2.5/5


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