5 mini-reviews from a critic catching up

A Curtain Raiser [Francois Ozon, 2006]

Probably the best of these five films I’m reviewing. Bruno (The charming Louis Garrel) and his friend Pierre (Mathieu Amalric) are waiting in Bruno’s apartment for his girlfriend to arrive. Bruno previously told her that if she arrives late again, their relationship will be over.

This is a delightful short film (coming in at 30mins) with lovely writing and great performances. Those who love French cinema (Like Me) should really enjoy this little tale about love.

4.5/5 Recommended!


Summer Storm [Marco Kreuzpainter, 2004]

A German coming-of-age film about a gay oarsman (Played by Robert Stadlober) on a mostly straight high-school row team on camp. Troubles arise as another row team (Comprised of only homosexuals) is also at the camp.

It was nice to see a film like this actually get made with the quality that it has. It’s certainly not a film that will knock you off your feet, but with nice visuals, a good setting etc. there’s really nothing much to complain about, especially if you’re looking for a film with this kind of subject. It’s a good watch.



Whole New Thing [Amnon Buchbinder, 2005]

Emerson Thorsen is a precocious teen who has to start attending a public school after years of home-schooling. This brings along some joy (In the form of a crush he forms on his teacher; Don Grant) but also some trouble from a school bully.

Nothing we haven’t seen before and there’s far too much focus on Emerson’s parents who are going through marriage issues. There are some aspects to enjoy, but ultimately you won’t be missing out if you never see this.



Baby [W.I.Z., 2001]

Ben Wishaw makes a visit to a public swimming pool and ogles people.

There’s not much to this one, what I stated above is really what the 12min short film is. But it’s certainly enjoyable to watch. I couldn’t make sense of the ending, so if you end up seeing it (Which you can do so for free here: http://www.factoryfilms.net/otherwork) let me know your thoughts about the endings meaning.



Autopilot [J.B. Herndon, 2009]

Trouble caused by a son is brought to his unsuspecting father.

I don’t know how to review this film. It felt like I was watching a middle/late section of an indie film.

It’s so well shot and I found it entertaining.

Jyerating of 4/5


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2 Responses to 5 mini-reviews from a critic catching up

  1. Adam says:

    woah, man.. i haven’t even HEARD of any of these.. =P

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