For me “It’s” quite clear

I can’t begin to explain the joy I get from Nancy Meyers’ films. She does middle class dinner scenes of people laughing and drinking wine better than anyone! Her films make you want to dive through the screen into this lush world of beautiful houses, delicious food and music that will cause your eardrums to orgasm.

I put off renting this film and – as I did with “Julie & Julia” – I have to say now; why’d I wait!?

Meyers’ screenplay is good, the film looks great (Including fantastic art/set design) and the cast is incredibly enjoyable! Who couldn’t enjoy sitting down to watch the talent of Meryl Streep, the likability of Steve Martin, the comedy of Alec Baldwin and the face of Hunter Parrish!?

Something that pleased me a lot with this film was that I couldn’t even pick the ending. It had me guessing, constantly changing my opinion about who I thought Streep would end up being with, if anyone at all.

If you enjoy these sorts of films, do yourself a favour and put this one at the top of the list. I can’t wait to add it to my DVD collection.



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